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My new adventure starts with procrastination

I'm moving soon, and today is the day I move a bunch of stuff out of my current house and into my parents place where it'll sit for a bout 18 days before I have to move it all again. Yet here I am, blogging when I should be packing.

I've mentioned it briefly before but not given many details as to why I'm moving and what I'm about to start doing with my life for the next 12 months. I've just finished my second year at the University of Plymouth (this can be confusing as there's a Plymouth State University in New England (USA) and I'm from the UK). I'm studying for my BSc(Hons) in Computing & Game Development, which is as much fun as it sounds which seems to act as score multiplier on the amount of work I have to do groans.

My course offers me the chance to take a year out after my second year to gain a years industry experience, mostly to make me more employable but also because I'm going to learn far more than I ever will at university from this year in industry. Around Christmas time I sent off an email getting in touch with a few different companies basically asking them to take an inexperienced, fairly useless under-grad and pay him to do work for a year. I got an email back pretty quickly from a lovely company (and my new home) called Sparkol. After some discussion and interviews both me and someone from my cohort got offered a years placement with them starting in June.

So that's what I'm going to do, I'll be working as a software engineer for a year, in a small company that's making big money and cool products. Sadly however this means I've got to move out from Plymouth and leave the amazing Team of 22.

I'm still procrastinating packing my essentials as I really don't want to leave.I'm also being lazy, that may have something to do with it...