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End of a book, time to start writing the sequel series

You know that feeling when you finish a series of books, you know there’s a sequel series but the characters and story are different. You’re excited because you love the author but sad because you loved the characters. That’s how I feel at the moment, in a state of flux between happiness, confusion and sadness.

I’ve just finished my second year at university, marks are flooding in and they’re looking pretty positive so far. I have my work placement lined up to start on Tuesday 10th June 2014 which gives me a bit of a nice break but it means change is just around the corner.

The thing that really has be feeling a bit sentimental and reluctant (for change) is moving out my house. Not so much the place but the people, over the past 9~months my housemates have very much become my family. Unlike many student houses, we’ve become very close even to the point of often attracting questions like “why are you texting them, you see them every day?” I was once told by a friend that moved in with a number of her best friends that while they lived together, they saw less of each other when they lived together. This was by no means true for the Team of 22.

We would often spend many great evenings together watching a film, eating junk food and messing around with each other. Whether it was picking on Tea or watching her and RedHead have it out with their funny little arguments, it was always fun to spend time with them. No matter what we did or where we did it, we just got on amazingly well and I can’t remember a single argument that anyone in the house had with someone else.

It’s been such an amazing adventure, we’ve all changed in some way and become really close as a group of friends. My greatest fear today is that we may lose touch throughout next year. Nurse, Tea and RedHead will be in their final year of University and finished by the time I finish my placement. Beanie will be finishing his placement year at the same time as me, and I can only hope we get the chance to live together again for our final year. Boarder will be starting his second year (after his foundation and first year just gone) and will be on placement when I finish mine this time next year.

The year has been incredible, I’ve grown and changed more than I could have imagined. In terms of both my profession skill set, as well as personally and socially.

Now I sit back home with my parents, feeling somewhat out of place. I feel scared about the year ahead (new job, new people, new city) as well as very excited! However I also feel sad that I won’t be able to continue on my education with the amazing Team of 22 who I love very much.

Next year won’t be the same, and that’s not a bad thing. I feel glad to have been able to live with such good friends family, but I also wish the book wouldn’t end. I shed a tear for the good times soon gone, but I smile for the chapters ahead. As I end this final chapter of the book, I prepare to begin the next book. I have no doubts it’ll be filled with both fond memories from the year gone by, and new adventures with new character introductions. Let the next fable in the tale of Elliot’s Great Adventure begin.

I can’t thank the Team of 22 enough for this year, I love you all and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for us all. Come and visit sometime you sods.