I'm Elliot Blackburn. I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer at Gradient in Bristol, UK.

What I write about

Some of my writings are short, and some of them are much longer essays. I write about anything that interests me and I feel like sharing. Sometimes that is my life and faith, but mostly it's software, products, and leadership.

On occasion I manage to convince others, who are much better people than I, to write guest articles! I'd highly recommend reading them, as they often provide far more insight than my own ramblings.

Where I work

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and employee #3 at Gradient, my focus is building gurn.io. We use a huge range of technology, I spend most of my time working with:

  • Nodejs
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Git + GitHub

How to contact me

I'm contactable on various mediums, I prefer to be contacted first through one of these.


Public key

I use keybase.io to help link together my keys and identities, including this domain. Using keybase, you can access my public key and other proofs.