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@USGunIncidents - The twitter feed for gun violence in the USA

Yesterday I released a new twitter account. @USGunIncidents posts about recent gun crime in the USA. It posts very simply the town/city, state, number of people injured, number of people killed, and a link to the source (if it's available).

I'm hoping the bot can build up a vague timeline of gun crime, the fact that it will put them straight to your twitter feed also creates a heavy impact.

The bot simply scrapes it's information from sources like Gun Violence Archive. Because it's so simple I've decided to open source the code under the MIT license as well. A forewarning, I've not spent too much time on it so there is a lot of room for improvement. If you fancy making some additions, fixes, or creating some tests then go for it.

Here's a challenge, follow the account and see how many tweets you read through each day before getting to one of these crime reports. I think it'll both surprise and shock you.