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Summer time

Since 2013, every time we get the first summer-like weekend, I start a new spotify playlist simply named "Summer" with the year suffixed. With this small summer time ritual, I'm able to go back and relive the summers of the years gone by through the music I played while camping or on road trips.

I never started this ritual with the intention to look back at them, but now that I have them I find myself doing it frequently. I also often bring a few songs over from the last few years, some of these gems faded out after one or two years and others are a long standing summer anthem.

This years playlist, Summer  2019, is stacking up to be one that I'm sure I'll remember for years to come. Will I remember it because of the songs? Probably not, infact, this year is proving quite difficult to piece together. No, this year will be memorable because of what I'll be doing while listening to the playlist.

I can't say all the songs on these playlists are amazing, I can't even say you'll like them but none the less here's a link to each playlist since 2013. Maybe some of the songs will make it onto your playlist?

2019 is still a work in progress right now, feel free to send me suggestions!