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Introducing mdpdf

I've been using the atom package markdown-pdf and it's been okay but it hasn't got a few features I want.

For starters it uses html-pdf which has header and footer capabilities but setting the size of these isn't possible with markdown-pdf which means it defaults to 45mm of the page and that's quite a lot!

Also I can't choose a specific css file for my markdown file, I have to use the global atom less file.

After having a hunt around, I couldn't find one that included headers and footers and good css support so I decided to create my own.

Introducing mdpdf

Mdpdf is a simple npm package for converting markdown files into sane and good looking PDFs. It defaults to the GitHub Markdown CSS, you can pass in some over-write styling or turn it off altogether and run your own.

The module is designed to be really easy to use for fast PDF creation while still allowing fine grain control over your document.

npm install mdpdf -g

The package works from the command line when installed globally or you can install it locally for API access. Over the next few days I'll be documenting the API properly so programatic use should be much easier to get working. For now, I'd recommend checking out my usage of it in the projects executable file.

If you spot any problems or want to contribute then feel free to submit an issue or pull request.