Friends and Favourites

Back in the glory days of the blog, people had a page or side bar with links off to other websites and blogs of friends or people they admired. In an attempt to bring that back, this is mine.

  • Ry Stevenson - One of my closest friends, he doesn't blog much and they're pretty random but I enjoy them so you might as well.
  • John O'Nolan - The found of Ghost, the blogging platform that this site is built on. He's got a lot of interesting views about running a company and posts a lot of great imagry from his travels.
  • Phil Haacked - Phil Haacked is an ex-microsoft and ex-github engineer, his content is super interesting and very thoughtful.
  • Rands in Repose - Michael Lopp writes as Rands of Rands in Repose, it's one of the best blogs out there. It really is a treasure trove of wisdom about people, managining teams, and building healthy culture within groups of people. I cannot recommend his musings enough!