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Blessed to Bless

This is a response to todays WiRE, the Christian devotional for busy men. Todays topic is Blessed to Bless

I've been blessed in so many ways, many of which I don't even realise yet. But here goes, a shameless list of ways I've been blessed. This isn't extensive, just the immediate thoughts that have come to mind while writing this.

  • A family that loves and cares for me deeply, immediate and extended family. Given, not huge but each kind and caring.
  • A group of friends who I can turn to about anything and can share life with.
  • A best friend to start a business with, one that challenges me and cares about my character. Even if he isn't a brother in Christ yet!
  • The opportunity to be part of a wonderful church that are serving the community in numerous ways.
  • An amazing job that has furthered my chosen and assigned career.
  • A good solid education. Not the best, but much much better than many.
  • A small group at church of similar aged people that I have a lot to learn about and hopefully much to see.

I think I probably take many of these for granted a lot, especially my family at times. But to better solve that, it helps to be aware of what is a blessing.

What blessings do you have in your life? Have you gotten so used to some of those that you take them for granted now?