I'm contactable by a number of different public systems. Please use one of these methods to contact me.


Email: elliot@lybrary.io
Twitter: @elliotblackburn
Keybase (secure messages): keybase.io/elliotb

Opportunities, jobs, and contracts

If you want to talk about jobs / contracts / "opportunities", please only contact me via my LinkedIn. Recruitment messages via other mediums will most likely go unanswered.

Secure contact methods & Public key

I use keybase.io to link together my public keys and identities, including this domain. You can use keybase or email to contact me directly, and prove that I have control of the various domains and accounts listed on there.

You can get my PGP/GPG key on my keybase profile. Fingerprint: C746 34B4 391B CC39 76B6 327B 918B 4522 5862 CA4B