I'm Elliot Blackburn. I'm a Software Engineer at Just Eat in Bristol, UK.

What I write about

Some of my writings are short, and some of them are much longer essays. I write about anything that interests me and I feel like sharing. That can range from software, to my life and experiences. Usually it's related to tech somehow.

On occasion I manage to convince others, who are much smarter than me, to write guest articles. You should read them reading them.

Where I work

I'm a software engineer at Just Eat, we're primiarly a .net shop and our platform lives and breaths on top of the AWS platform. We exercise AWS and .net to it's max but my day-to-day technologies are:

  • .Net core
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS Lambda

On the side I'm an engineer on the Gurn project at Gradient, at the moment my focus is building gurn.io and other platforms. We use a huge range of technology, but I spend most of my time working with:

  • Nodejs
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services
  • GCP Functions
  • Git + GitHub